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Common Types of Leg Injuries from Car Accidents

January 30, 2023
Common Types of Leg Injuries from Car Accidents

Leg injuries from car accidents are common and can have devastating effects on your life. You may be unable to work or engage in activities you enjoyed before the accident. When someone else causes your injury, it can be challenging to move forward. 

According to the Texas Department of Transportation’s most recent report, Texas’ roadways were the scene of 552,224 motor vehicle accidents in 2021. And the University of New Mexico’s Geospatial and Population Studies’ 2020 report reveals 36,555 crashes in New Mexico during that year. In this post, we explore some common types of leg injuries after a car accident.

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Leg, Knee, or Ankle Bruising

One of the most common car accident leg injuries is bruising on the legs, knees, or ankles. When your body experiences a sudden or intense impact, the pressure can cause blood vessels under the skin to break. The blood pools under the skin and forms a bruise. 

As they change and age, bruises (also called contusions) change colors and can be yellow, green, blue, purple, black, or any hue in between. In many cases, bruises clear up on their own. If you were in a car accident, it is wise to see a doctor to make sure that the bruise isn’t a sign of a more serious underlying condition. 

Cuts, Scrapes, and Lacerations

Cuts, scrapes, and lacerations are common leg injuries from car accidents. Because the femoral artery is in the leg, leg injuries that cause bleeding or severe damage can be fatal. Cuts and scrapes are usually minor, but they can become more severe, especially if infected. 

Lacerations are deep cuts and may require stitches. Because these are open wounds, there is a risk of infection if the area is not cleaned and treated correctly. You or your loved one should visit a doctor after a car accident to accurately identify and treat cuts, scrapes, and lacerations. 

Fractured, Shattered, or Broken Bones

You have many bones in your legs and feet, all of which are susceptible to fracturing, shattering, being crushed, or breaking in a car accident. The tibia and fibula are the most commonly broken leg bones after a car accident, but serious accidents can also cause the femur to break. 

A car accident leg injury that results in any type of bone breakage should be properly treated by a doctor. Your legs contain vital arteries, such as the femoral artery, which can result in life-threatening injuries if left unattended after an injury. Fixing a broken, fractured, or shattered bone will likely involve surgical intervention and can only worsen if left untreated. 

Sprained or Strained Muscles in the Knees, Legs, or Feet

Sprained and strained muscles and ligaments can occur during a car accident and can be very painful. Many people report hearing or feeling a popping sound followed by significant pain, swelling, or stiffness when these injuries occur. 

In rare cases, you can develop compartment syndrome, where the muscles surrounding a broken bone suffer serious injury. If bleeding and swelling within the compartment containing the muscles go unchecked, it can lead to lifelong damage. After a car accident, you should seek medical care to identify and begin to treat injuries. In many cases, early discovery of these injuries can significantly impact your recovery trajectory. 

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury

A common source of leg pain after a car accident is an ACL injury. The ACL is a ligament connecting your thigh bone to your shin bone. Because of the sudden twisting and intense movement involved in car accidents, these ligaments can suffer serious injuries. 

ACL injuries can be excruciating and usually take quite some time to heal correctly. Many patients require extensive physical and other rehabilitative therapies to regain normal function after an ACL injury. 

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