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Jeff has worked with Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy and Conaway since 1999, when he first passed the bar. In that time, Jeff has found success time and again in claims both large and small.

Now a named partner with the firm with more than twenty years of experience, Jeff routinely litigates multi-million dollars cases and has achieved high levels of success both in and out of the courtroom. Jeff has the experience necessary to pursue his client’s claims through whatever means is best for the particular case, including out-of-court settlements, arbitrations and jury trials.

Jeff is proud of the efforts he devotes to analyzing each case individually to determine what available claims and litigation strategies are most effective for each client. Jeff has tried many cases to verdict with significant success and is more than willing to fight with clients as long as necessary to obtain the results that justice deserves.

Jeff grew up in El Paso, Texas. During his youth, Jeff saw the financial struggles and unique challenges many people faced growing up in a border community and this experience helps make him a passionate advocate for those in need, including the seriously injured.

Jeff’s father was born and raised in Mexico and had dual citizenship. Jeff’s dad grew up in the mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico where his family ran a little country store, worked odd jobs, and learned to make do with what they had. His dad moved to El Paso after high school and worked at a copper smelting company where he was up before the sun every morning to be at work.

His mom taught him the importance of helping other people and doing the right thing. Today, in addition, to his thriving legal practice, Jeff is the proud father of five children, is active in the local community, and is well-respected for his integrity and work-ethic.