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After an accident, many people suddenly find themselves unable to work as medical bills start piling up in the mailbox.

They might be worried about whether they can make their mortgage or car payment, and they often do not know where to turn for help.

Fortunately, you are not alone. At Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, we represent people who have suffered personal injuries fight back and get the compensation they need. Our personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque have experience in all aspects of personal injury law and are prepared to handle all aspects of your case.

Albuquerque serves as our main office in New Mexico. We also have our Odessa, Hobbs, and Lubbock offices for your convenience.

Please reach us online or call  (866) 432-4790 today for a free consultation.

Elements of an Albuquerque Personal Injury Claim

If you have been injured and you think another person or party is to blame for your harm, you may have a personal injury claim. In order to recover compensation, you will need to prove four elements:

Duty of Care

In order for a party to be held liable for your harm, you must first establish that they owed you a duty of care. (In most cases, the basic duty of care is to behave in a manner that is congruent with how a reasonable person in the same situation would behave).

Breach of Duty of Care

In addition to establishing that the defendant owed you a duty of care, you will also need to prove that this duty of care was breached. This is typically done by proving negligence, or that the defendant failed to act in a way a reasonable person in the same situation would have.


Third, you must prove that the defendant’s breach of duty of care was the proximate cause of your injuries and that you would not have suffered harm but for the defendant’s actions.


Finally, you must provide proof of the economic and non-economic damages you suffered in order to recover compensation.

Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury In New Mexico

All personal injury claims are subject to the state of New Mexico’s statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations is two years from the cause of action, which means that you have no more than two years’ time from the date of your accident to file your claim in civil court. If you wait longer than two years, you will be barred from recovery.

Why Work with FCHC?

Finding the right lawyers for personal injury can be difficult to do; you want to find someone experienced, trusted, and affordable. At our law office, you can count on us.

Top reasons to work with our Albuquerque personal injury law firm include:

  • More than 30 years’ experience. We have been practicing law and representing injury victims like you since 1984. We have successfully won wrongful death suits and multiple types of personal injury claims.
  • Free consultations and no fee unless we win. Our lawyers will never charge you a fee to consult with our team about your options. Further, we never charge upfront or hourly fees; our payment is contingent on your claim’s success.
  • Millions of dollars recovered for our clients. To date, we have recovered millions of dollars on our clients’ behalf. You can trust us to work hard to get you the settlement you deserve.

Practice Areas

We serve the people of Hobbs, Lubbock, Odessa, and Albuquerque in the following areas of personal injury.

Oilfield Injuries

At Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, our oil field injury lawyers have taken on some of the biggest oil companies in the United States. Injuries from these accidents can be absolutely devastating, but we are here to help you recover financially so you can recover physically.

The oil companies and their insurance companies do not want to help you, and that is why you need an experienced oil field injury attorney on your side.

Car Accidents

According to statistics, a motor vehicle crash occurs about every 12 minutes.

These accidents cause a range of injuries, from broken bones, sprains, and strains, to more serious injuries like burns or spinal cord damage. If the other driver is at least partly to blame for the accident, you can often get compensation.

Speak to a New Mexico car accident attorney today to discuss your case.

Truck Accidents

Because of their size and weight, commercial trucks can cause horrific injuries when they collide with a pedestrian or passenger vehicle. It is not unusual for many victims to suffer life-altering injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries or paralysis. Sometimes, in the most unfortunate events, victims of these high-impact truck accidents will die.

In a truck accident case, you might be able to sue the truck driver for failing to operate the big rig safely. In some cases, you might also be able to sue the trucking company for negligent training or hiring.

Learn more about your options during a free consultation with one of our truck accident lawyers.

Motorcycle Accidents

Bikers suffer serious injuries because they lack any kind of protective casing.

Suffering a direct hit, they can be thrown from their bikes and skid along the asphalt, suffering “road rash” and other injuries. Unfortunately, many motorists do not look out for motorcycles, so they collide with them solely out of carelessness.

You don’t have to recover alone. Contact our motorcycle accident attorneys to learn more about potential compensation following a motorcycle crash.

DUI Accidents

Drunk driving continues to be a serious problem for New Mexico.

Far too many people get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having had one too many drinks. Drunk driving is a crime, but when an intoxicated motorist causes a crash, you can also sue for compensation for your physical injuries and property damage.

Our DUI accident lawyers can explain your legal options if you or a loved one is a victim of a drunk driving accident.

Wrongful Death

Death is the worst case scenario following an unfortunate accident. In some instances, a loved one’s death was wrongful, and someone else was responsible. In that case, discuss your legal options with one of our wrongful death lawyers as soon as possible.

Work Injuries

If you were injured on-the-job and want to receive compensation for your injuries, you may have legal options available. These cases can be tricky because of state laws, but our experienced work injury lawyers are here to help you.

Why You Need an Albuequerque Personal Injury Attorney

Many people think they can handle a personal injury case on their own. However, most people benefit from having an experienced personal injury lawyer from Albuquerque, NM in their corner.

At our firm, we do many things for our clients, including:

  • Investigate the accident to determine who is at fault. We can interview witnesses, visit the scene of the accident, and find the police report.
  • Calculate the amount of compensation our clients are entitled to.
  • Communicate with insurance adjusters so that they do not hassle our clients.
  • Negotiate with the defendant and his or her insurer for maximum compensation in a settlement.
  • File a lawsuit if necessary in the event a defendant will not agree to a fair and full settlement.

Instead of trying to do this on your own, why not focus on your recovery? Hiring an experienced Albuquerque personal injury lawyer might just help you receive a favorable outcome.


Personal injury lawsuits seek to obtain compensation to cover all economic and non-economic losses that flow from an accident. To that end, we have managed to obtain money to cover the following.

Medical expenses

Our Albuquerque personal injury lawyers can get you reimbursed for the costs of all medical treatment, including:

  • Transportation to the hospital
  • Surgery
  • Overnights at the hospital
  • Doctor’s visit
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mental health counseling
  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  • Equipment like crutches or ace bandages

Hold onto your bills and receipts which will serve as proof of how much you spent.

If your injuries are severe, we can also get you a sum of money for future medical treatment. For example, someone who is paralyzed will probably need an attendant for the rest of their lives. They can receive money to cover that treatment.

Lost wages

If you can’t return to work, then you will lose out on income. Many of our clients receive compensation to cover lost wages, whether they are employed by someone else or are self-employed.

Some injuries are so serious that our clients cannot return to their old jobs because they never make sufficient improvement.

For example, a doctor who has suffered permanent nerve damage probably cannot return to the operating room. Many of our clients qualify for lost future earnings.

Property damage

If your vehicle is damaged in a collision, your compensation can help repair it or, if the car is totaled, help replace it. Keep all repair estimates and/or bills.

Non-Economic losses

Not all losses are easily measured in dollars.

In New Mexico, injured victims can also receive money to compensate for:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish (depression, anxiety, anger, etc.)
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Your personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque can use his or her experience to estimate how much you might qualify for. Some of our clients receive much more in pain and suffering than they do in economic losses like medical bills and lost wages.

See What We’ve Been Able To Do For Others

Oilfield Truck Accident | Brain Injury

Jury Verdict: $485,000,000
Settlement Sexual Abuse: $100,000,000
Settlement Treatment Foster Case Abuse: $100,000,000
Trucking Wrongful Death: $70,480,000
Jury Verdict in Rock Wall Injury/Summer Camp Injury: $35,000,000
Burn Injury: $32,500,000

Refinery Valve | Leg Injury

Gross Amount: $3,000,000
Attorney’s fees: $1,200,000
Litigation expenses: $109,569.78
>Net Amount: $1,690,430.22

Premises Liability | Wrongful Death Premises Liability

Gross Amount: $3,750,000
Attorney’s fees: $1,500,000
Litigation expenses: $113,137.70
Net Amount: $2,136,862.30

Comparative Fault

Once upon a time, injured victims could not receive compensation if they were in any way responsible for their accidents. For example, a motorist who was going 5 miles over the speed limit could receive nothing because they were behaving negligently when the accident occurred.

The law in New Mexico has changed. Under our state’s comparative fault scheme, a victim can receive compensation if the defendant is at least 1% responsible for the crash. However, the amount of compensation our clients can receive will be reduced by their percentage of fault. If they are 60% responsible and suffer $50,000 in damages, they can only receive 40% of that amount, or $20,000.

Reach Out to an Experienced Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyer Today

After a devastating accident, you need zealous representation on your behalf.

The Albuquerque, New Mexico personal injury attorneys at Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway will be happy to meet with you to discuss your options. In some cases, it will make sense to immediately sue, while in other cases you will want to negotiate with the defendant for a settlement.

To schedule your free consultation, please call us at (866) 432-4790 or submit an online message. Avoid delay.

New Mexico law requires that injured victims pursue compensation in a timely manner, and any delay will hurt your case.

How Do I Pay for My Injury Case?

Case Reviews are free, and you don’t pay for your case unless we get compensation for you. That means you’re never taking money out of your pocket to pay for legal representation. Learn more by reaching out today.

Do You Help with Oil Field Injuries?

Yes! One of the biggest focuses of FCHC is oil field and other work injuries. Too often, we’ve seen tragic results from on-the-job injuries. We have experience and know the right steps to take for your case.

Do I Really Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’re facing serious injuries, then the answer is yes. Insurance companies will always try to lowball you, leaving out important factors that drive up the value of your injury claim. They may not even offer enough to cover your medical bills!