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The Fastest Way to Receive a Settlement After a Car Accident

June 7, 2023
receive a car accident settlement

Car crashes can produce countless expenses ranging from medical bills, copays for doctor’s appointments and prescription medications, vehicle repair costs, as well as  lost wages due to time off work. If you’re pursuing compensation through an insurance claim, you may wonder how long the process will take — and how to speed it up. 

The speed of a car accident claim comes down to how quickly the insurance adjuster makes a decision, but you can take a few steps to streamline the decision-making process and seek a fast settlement after a car accident.

Gather Insurance Information at the Scene

Before you leave the accident scene, record the insurance information of any other drivers or pedestrians involved in the crash. Be sure to provide your insurance company details about these other parties as well.

With these contact details, you’ll be able to call the other drivers’ insurance companies directly instead of waiting for them to call you. You won’t have to waste days waiting for the at-fault driver to file a claim. 

Call the Insurance Company — Don’t Wait 

Car accidents can be like a whirlwind, and feeling overwhelmed once you get home is understandable. But if you want to speed up your car accident settlement, you should be in contact with the insurer from day one.

Accident victims often wonder: “Whose insurance company do I contact? Mine, or the other driver’s insurance company?” The answer depends on who was at fault in the accident. If another driver was liable, you may need to file a claim through their insurance instead of your own.

If you’re unsure who to call, it is optional to contact your insurance company first to report the accident. But if you know the other driver was at fault, you don’t need to wait around for their insurer to call you — you can reach out first to start the process.

Send the Claim Documents ASAP

The insurance company will ask you for information about the accident to calculate the value of the claim. It may want you to submit medical bills, photos of the accident scene, property damage reports, and repair estimates. Once the insurer asks for these documents, try to submit them as soon as possible. 

Failing to submit your documents quickly will prolong your payout or settlement offer. If you’re unsure what documents to submit or how to collect them, reach out to an attorney for assistance.

Check In with the Insurer

Has it been a while since you’ve heard from the insurance company? Don’t feel bad about reaching out to check the status of your car accident case.

Calling the insurance adjuster periodically to check in can hold them accountable to promptly and fairly evaluate your claims. It can also remind them to let you know about any additional documentation or information they may need to make a decision.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer for Legal Assistance With Your Claim

Insurance claims are legal processes, and having a legal professional on your side makes sense. Your car accident attorney can walk you through the claims process and provide legal counsel if you encounter obstacles.

Insurance companies don’t always make it easy to seek compensation, but your attorney can help you stay calm, take the stress off your shoulders, and allow you to focus on healing from your car accident injuries. 

If you’re a car accident victim, call Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, P.C., today at 432-335-0399 for legal guidance.