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5 Tips for Navigating Back Injuries Caused by a Car Accident

July 5, 2023
Back Injuries Caused by a Car Accident

Car accidents can have devastating consequences. Over 4.4 million Americans seek medical care as a result of  car accident injuries every year. One of the most common injuries after a car crash are back injuries. Back injuries include herniated discs, fractures, and soft tissue damage – all of these can be extremely painful, require physical therapy, long recovery periods, and potentially even surgery.   

Car accident back injury claims can help you cover medical bills and compensate you for lost wages if you can’t work after an accident. Here are five tips to help make the back injury claim process easier.

1. File a Claim Soon After the Accident

Each state has a statute of limitations dictating how long you have to file your claim. While this timeframe may span several years, it’s important to file a claim sooner rather than later.

Filing car accident back injury claims promptly can help you take advantage of evidence that might disappear after the crash.

2. Don’t Immediately Accept the Insurance Company’s Offer

Many insurance companies offer a settlement soon after you file your claim. While it can be tempting to accept — especially if the hospital has already sent the first bill for your medical treatment — it’s important to wait and consider your options.

Insurance companies typically offer a low-ball settlement hoping you will accept it. If you accept this first offer, you can’t pursue additional compensation later. Speak with an attorney to discuss your options before accepting a settlement. Your lawyer can help you assess all of your expenses and non-economic losses, like pain and suffering, to understand the full value of your claim. 

3. Gather Evidence

You may need to gather evidence to prove that another driver was at fault in the accident. If possible, take note of the following before leaving the scene:

  • The other driver’s license plate number
  • The other driver’s insurance information and driver’s license
  • The other driver’s name and contact information
  • Any witness testimony
  • Call the police and request a report

If you can, take pictures of your injuries, both cars, and the accident scene.

Sometimes, you may have to leave without gathering evidence, especially if you were injured in the crash. If this is the case, then document what you can and contact an attorney.

4. Seek Medical Attention Right Away

Your priority after a car accident that causes a back injury is your safety. You’ll want to see a doctor soon after the accident for two reasons:

To ensure your health. Some back injuries may be immediately obvious, but others may not appear until much later. Visit a doctor for an examination to look for hidden injuries to your spine, ribs, and back muscles.

To support your claim. You may have trouble seeking compensation from the other driver’s insurance if you delay medical treatment. An insurance company might argue that you aren’t injured if you didn’t seek medical care. Visiting a doctor will help prove the severity of your injuries.

Keep track of any medical examination notes and bills from any doctor you see. You can use these to help with your claim.

5. Speak to an Attorney

Car accident back injury claims can be challenging, especially if you are trying to navigate the legal processes while undergoing medical treatments. 

An attorney offers more than legal advice — they can also explain the process, gather evidence to prove another driver was at fault, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. By partnering with an attorney, you know that your claim is in good hands while you focus on your recovery.

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