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Case Result: Impaired Truck Driver Violated Safety Regulations

November 29, 2023

GROSS AMOUNT: $13,114,063.56


The case started out as a no-brainer, involving an impaired truck driver whose reckless driving created conditions on the roadway which directly led to a collision involving our client. Due to the seriousness of our client’s injuries, the defendant and insurance carrier mounted a comprehensive defense denying all responsibility, blamed our driver and viciously attacked our client’s injuries.The breakthrough came when, after tens upon tens of depositions, our firm finally located a former employee witness who amazingly “blew the top off” the Defendant’s case. In an all-day deposition, this witness provided exquisite detail about the interoperation of the Defendant’s company and the knowledge that the company had concerning systemic violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

At the scene, our client was comatose and remained in such condition for many days. As she struggled for her life and her family stood vigil at her side, the Defendant immediately dispatched personnel and ultimately, the Drivers Logs and investigator field notes and photographs went missing.

Far from showing remorse, the Defendants’ attacked the Plaintiffs’ evidence and argued that the driver of our client’s vehicle was 100% at fault.

Another line of attack employed by the Defendants’ was by far the most vicious and cold-hearted. The Defendants produced thousands of pages of our client’s medical, legal and educational records. The Defendants clearly propounded that our client’s life, prior to the collision, had little value.

At different times during the litigation, our firm assigned as many as 6 of its attorneys and a plethora of staff to not only counter the Defendant’s attack but to prosecute our client’s case. Our firm participated in more than 50 depositions occurring across the nation. We are grateful to our clients for their courage in holding stead-fast and not knuckling under to the defense.

Cash proceeds were utilized to purchase a significant home, automobiles, and other family needs. More significantly, 4 college educations have been funded and through the combination of Trust and lifetime Structured Settlement payments, our clients have been given substantial security.


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