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Case Result: Motorcycle Wreck & Wrongful Death

July 2, 2018

Gross Amount: $7,500,000

Truck Driver Rear-Ends Motorcycle

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Our firm represented the family of one of two persons who was killed in a tragic semi-truck vs. motorcycle collision. The Defendant’s trucking officers/managers testified truthfully and were very candid about their own negligence in hiring a blatantly unfit driver. The Defendant’s insurance carrier agreed to pay the insurance company’s policy limits.

Unexpectedly, the family of the other decedent took aggressive action in an attempt to acquire virtually all of the insurance policy proceeds for themselves. The lesson of this case is that greed is a vice reserved not only unto corporations and insurance companies but can also afflict co-victims. Instantly, our law firm switched into high-gear and conducted a thorough investigation into the other family’s claims. Our investigation revealed many falsehoods which were told in the settlement process and during sworn testimony. The opposing law firm and its client quickly folded and accepted our original proposal.

During the original litigation, one of the Defendant’s insurance carriers refused to provide insurance coverage. A totally separate lawsuit was filed against this insurance company based upon a claim for Insurance Bad Faith. Several millions of additional dollars of compensation to our client resulted from the Bad Faith lawsuit. Due to the co-victim’s prior conduct involving falsehoods, the additional compensation was paid to our client exclusively.

The compensation we obtained allowed our client to establish a new residence in a new city and state with guaranteed income enough to provide a vastly improved lifetime standard of living.

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