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Case Result: Oilfield Explosion & Burn Injuries

November 29, 2023

GROSS AMOUNT: $32,500,000.00




“When we met Sam and Richard, we felt safe. We felt like we had hope and that everything was gonna be okay.”


“They helped us, you know, to keep us calm… to want to keep proceeding and keep going. They gave us that confidence that something good would come out.”


“You can feel when people genuinely want to help… they made us feel like they were our friends first and that they cared about what happened to our children, to us, to my wife… that they wanted to help and to do good especially for the kids.”

Oil company subcontractors are on location with their equipment. Various ignition sources are present due to operating equipment. The company representative is not at the location, even though the work involves critical dangers. A third party equipment operator suddenly and unexpectedly bleeds off the well to the blow-down tanks. Wind conditions are calm and well gas meanders across the location and into an ignition source resulting in a horrific explosion and fire.

Our clients sustained life-threatening burns over much of their bodies. The Defendants presented multiple defense theories blaming our clients, our clients’ employer, and attacking our clients and the extent of the injuries. Our law firm, utilizing our team approach, had as many as 8 lawyers assigned to work on the case and many more that number in assigned staff. Our efforts included the taking of tens upon tens of witness and expert depositions. Ultimately, our firm’s efforts led to the discovery of internal documents, which was a breakthrough in the case from which the Defendants could not recover.

Through a combination of payments in cash, specially drafted Trust Documents, the provision for lifetime Structured Payments, and the funding of college educations, our clients achieved security and were freed from further work in the oilfield.


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