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Case Result: Trucking Wreck & Paralysis

July 2, 2018

Gross Amount: $8,000,000

Truck Driver Held Responsible for Acts of Negligence Flowing from Aggressive Driving

“Wow, this attorney sure does have strength.”

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Our client and his family were driving along peacefully, having enjoyed a family excursion. Their happiness was suddenly shattered when an 18-wheeler recklessly pulled into their lane of traffic causing a horrific collision. The driver of our client’s vehicle was catastrophically injured.

At first glance, the facts appeared straightforward. Nonetheless, the Defendants put forward multiple frivolous defenses, backed by paid for so-called expert opinions, blaming our client’s speed and his failure to take evasive action. As usual, the defense combined elements of a cover-up and a personal attack focused upon our clients’ background. Underlying the entire defense was a plea to racial and socioeconomic prejudice.

During the course of the case, our law firm deployed as many as 9 lawyers to work on the case. Our clients’ faith in our law firm, founded in their profound belief in God, was incredibly fulfilling to our team. This case proved that even persons of humble means and background can achieve justice so long as they are supported by a well-staffed and funded law firm. Our client’s courage is a testament to the human spirit.

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