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Does Medical Evidence Matter in a Car Accident Case?

April 24, 2024
Car Accident Case

As any car accident lawyer can tell you, the outcome of a claim depends on evidence: photos of the accident scene, dash cam footage, witness statements, the police report, and medical records. 

Reliable, detailed medical evidence is crucial for accident injury claims, especially after a catastrophic accident that causes long-term or permanent injuries. Your medical records will play a part in establishing fault and calculating the size of your settlement.

The Role of Medical Evidence

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of medical documentation after an accident. Medical records play a vital role in legal proceedings, in several ways.

  1. Prove a Cause-and-Effect Link

The type and location of your injuries can help show what happened during the accident. Your post-accident checkup will also prove the injuries occurred because of the car accident and not another recent incident or pre-existing condition.

2. Demonstrate the Severity of Your Injuries

One common tactic insurance companies use is trying to downplay the extent of a victim’s injuries. Medical documents like imaging, surgery reports, and discharge summaries can show how serious your injuries are. Your medical bills also prove the costs you’ve had to cover because of the accident.

3. Help Calculate Your Settlement

After a serious injury, your settlement should include immediate and prospective medical costs. Your medical prognosis will help determine how much you can expect to recover, what treatment you may need in the future, and how your injury may impact your ability to work. All of the above plays a major role in calculating your compensation.

What Type of Medical Evidence Is Relevant?

Depending on your injury, all kinds of medical records may be important for your claim. Be sure to save any hospitalization records, notes from doctors and nurses, blood test results, CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, and medical prescriptions.

You might also need to provide treatment records, such as accounts of any surgeries or physical therapy you had to undergo following the accident. Your documentation should include updates on your condition and how you’re responding to treatment.

Your car accident lawyer may also recommend hiring a medical professional as an expert witness. A well qualified healthcare professional can, for example, confirm that your injuries significantly and permanently limit your mobility or that you’ll probably be unable to return to your former line of work as well as help affix future costs associated with ongoing care. 

Why You Should See a Doctor as Soon as Possible After an Accident

Only a full medical checkup can give you a clear picture of your condition after an accident. Accident victims may assume they only need a little rest to recover. This could be a fatal mistake since TBIs, internal organ damage, and other serious injuries can be almost imperceptible at first. Take no risks and see a doctor ASAP. 

A quick checkup will also help document bleeding, bruising, fractures, and other signs of an acute injury. It will prevent an insurer from arguing that conditions like a back or knee injury happened because of a pre-existing health issue. 

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