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Finding a Lawyer for Oilfield Injuries

July 9, 2018

finding a lawyer for oilfield injuriesYou may be aware that you have rights as a victim of oilfield injuries, but enforcing them is quite different from realizing what they are.

Unless you have a legal background, it is critical to retain the right lawyer for your needs. These types of cases are unique in many ways. Because of this, an attorney that handles general personal injury cases may not have the necessary skill set.

When finding a lawyer for oilfield injuries, you should consider a few factors to help get the right fit.


The State Bar of New Mexico requires all attorneys have a diploma from an accredited law school. However, this education does not always suffice. Regardless of education, a lawyer may not have the high-level knowledge necessary for an oilfield injuries claim. You should seek an attorney that has specific, in-depth knowledge of particular statutes, case law, and court rules.


Along with knowledge, experience is essential when finding a lawyer for oilfield injuries lawsuits. Look for a legal professional that has spent considerable time negotiating settlements.


Oil companies and their insurers are notoriously stingy when it comes to paying out claims. Note that if you do not reach an appropriate settlement agreement, it may be necessary to file an oilfield injuries case. Therefore, you should only work with an attorney that has extensive experience litigating cases in court.


Oilfield injuries are devastating for victims and their families. You need a lawyer that has understanding and compassion for your situation, and empathy for how your injuries have affected you and your family.


Your attorney should take the time to communicate with you regularly regarding your claim. Status updates and answering questions are necessary for your peace of mind. If you primarily deal with a legal assistant, paralegal, or other member of the support staff, consider continuing your search.


An oilfield injuries lawyer should charge you on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay for legal services unless you win your case. For purposes of this billing arrangement, a “win” includes a settlement or a verdict in court. Attorneys that bill contingency fees charge a percentage of the total amount you recover, minus the expenses the attorney incurs as part of your representation.

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If you sustained oilfield injuries in an accident, you are entitled to recover compensation for such losses as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, oil companies and their insurers will fight your claim every step of the way. You put your rights at risk if you attempt to represent yourself or retain a lawyer that does not meet the above qualifications.

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