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How to Build a New Mexico Construction Accident Case

February 2, 2024
New Mexico Construction Accident Case

Evidence is a key component of any successful construction accident case. And yet, just because your New Mexico construction injury accident case has limited evidence doesn’t mean you cannot seek compensation. You will need to approach your case more strategically than usual. 

Learn the following tips to build a strong construction accident case with limited evidence. Then, contact an experienced construction accident attorney for guidance.

Quickly Gather All the Evidence You Can 

You may have access to more evidence from your construction accident than you think. However, a lot of evidence disappears in the 24 hours after your accident. Working quickly can help you preserve as much evidence as possible to assist your case. 

If possible, before leaving the accident scene, take pictures and videos of the hazard that caused your construction accident. But if you’ve already left the scene, consider returning to it — even several days after the accident— to take photos and preserve any remaining evidence. 

Be sure to reach out to coworkers and other potential witnesses to see whether they remember anything about the accident. Refreshing their memory now can help them remember important details, should they be called to testify months down the line. 

You should also check whether any security cameras caught the accident. Request the footage now, as some cameras will delete footage after a few weeks. You may need a construction injury compensation attorney to help you request a subpoena for the video footage. 

Document Your Injuries 

While you may not have access to much evidence after your construction accident, you do have first-hand information about your injuries. You’ll need to prove the severity of your injuries and calculate the monetary value of your medical bills and pain and suffering as part of your accident case. Documenting your injuries in detail can assist your claim down the road. 

Take photos of your injuries regularly and write notes about your symptoms. Be sure to seek medical attention as well, as your doctor’s notes can serve as evidence. 

Consult an Accident Reconstructionist

If you don’t have photos or videos of the construction accident, you may be able to gain valuable evidence with the help of an accident reconstructionist. These professionals learn and recreate all the details of an accident to help all parties better understand how it occurred. Reconstructing the accident with all available evidence can also help you fill holes in your case. 

Talk to a New Mexico construction accident lawyer about whether hiring an accident reconstructionist would benefit your case.

Work With an Experienced Construction Site Injury Lawyer 

Working with a professional building site injury attorney throughout your case can help you build a strong claim even if you don’t have much evidence. Construction accident attorneys can access special resources to secure more evidence than the average person. Your attorney can also help you use the evidence you do have wisely, leaving no doubt in the insurance company’s or judge’s mind about who was at fault. 

Be sure to work with an attorney who has experience with construction accidents. Your attorney should know New Mexico’s construction laws and workplace regulations and be able to apply them to your case. 

Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, P.C.: Professional Legal Counsel for Construction Accidents 

If you’re looking for a construction industry legal professional to help you build a strong case, Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, P.C., can be your guide. Our team has helped numerous New Mexico construction workers navigate complex cases. 

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