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The Role of Expert Witnesses in Oil Field Injuries

August 2, 2023
oil field injury

Oil field jobs can be quite lucrative but also extremely dangerous. In 2021, 95 oil field workers lost their lives due to fatal accidents on the job. Hundreds more are injured every year. 

Why You May Need an Expert Witness for Your Compensation Claim

Does your oil field accident claim need an expert witness? Not all cases do. However, in complex cases it can often be very helpful to have well-qualified and honest experts to help explain the most complex aspects of the case to the jury. 

Types of Expert Witnesses for Oil Field Accidents

Which type of oil field injury accident witnesses could your case benefit from? That depends on the specifics of your claim. Listed below are a few types of expert witnesses that might be helpful in a particular case. 

Engineering Experts

An engineering expert can testify as to whether oil rig equipment has been properly maintained and repaired. Malfunctioning equipment is a leading cause of accidents in the oil field. If a company failed to maintain equipment or remove damaged machinery from service, and that failure led to your accident, you could seek damages from the responsible company.

You might also be able to seek damages from a manufacturer if the machinery failed because of a defect. That’s particularly true if the manufacturer knew about the defect but continued to sell the machinery anyway. Engineering experts are important for providing testimony in these types of cases.

Vocational Experts

Oil field accidents can be debilitating, often causing workers to lose months, years, or even a lifetime of work capacity. This is where a vocational expert can be helpful to a case. 

A vocational expert can perform an evaluation of your current ability to work and then explain your lost earning potential to a jury. They’ll also demonstrate the financial impact this will have over the course of your life. If you need to retrain for another job outside of the oil and gas industry, they can show this to the court and jury as well.

Medical Professionals

In a personal injury case, your lawyer’s job is to demonstrate the extent of your injuries to the court or insurance company. Medical professionals can testify as to the severity of your injuries and explain whether you’ll fully recover and, if so, how long it will take. These factors significantly impact your settlement or award.

Forensic Psychologists

Your lawyer may call a forensic psychologist to explain your mental anguish and pain and suffering. They can provide a full psychological evaluation, diagnose you, and estimate the cost of future counseling or psychiatric needs.This testimony can be very important in helping the jury to understand the dramatic impact your accident has had on your life. 

Life Care Planners

Following serious accidents, a lifetime of costs and expenses can often be incurred.  You might need to hire someone to help you do chores or install disability-friendly modifications in your home. Life care planners can estimate these costs over your lifetime.

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