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Mental and Emotional Trauma After a Car Accident

February 7, 2023
trauma from car accident

It can be incredibly challenging to live with trauma from a car accident, both physical and emotional.

You may be dealing not only with ongoing physical injuries but also immense mental and emotional distress. This is especially true if you were in a severe crash or you suffered life-threatening injuries. 

Experiencing trauma is, unfortunately, all too common. In fact, approximately 3.5 million adults suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) each year.

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Common Symptoms of Trauma

There are several symptoms of emotional distress that are commonly experienced by people who have been in a car accident. 

Some of those include the following:

  • Chronic fatigue,
  • Anger,
  • Crying,
  • Panic attacks,
  • Shock,
  • Depression, 
  • Anxiety when driving or riding in a car;and
  • Fear.

These are only a few possible signs that you are experiencing trauma from a car accident. It is critical to seek treatment from a qualified professional if your distress interferes with your daily activities. 

Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Your stress levels after a car crash may become so severe that you develop PTSD. Many people think that only veterans can experience PTSD, but that is not true. A violent or traumatizing accident can also cause a person to develop this disorder. 

There are multiple symptoms of PTSD you might experience after a car accident, including:

  • Nightmares,
  • Avoiding driving,
  • Recurring memories,
  • Depression, and
  • Flashbacks.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should contact a qualified mental health professional for help.

A qualified professional can diagnose your condition and discuss treatment options with you. They can also help document your condition and symptoms and assess your prognosis. This information can help your attorney calculate how much compensation you might be entitled to receive for your mental trauma after a car accident.

How Can I Prove Emotional Distress?

Gathering evidence and documentation related to your mental health after a car accident is critical.

For example, it is critical that you report any symptoms to your treating physician. Your physician may refer you to a therapist or psychiatrist for more specialized care including counseling and even medications, where appropriate. It may also be valuable to keep a journal to track your symptoms and how they affect your life.

Your attorney might also rely on testimony from your loved ones to establish how your emotional distress has affected your life. In some cases, your attorney might want to get an opinion from an expert to help support your claim. Our experienced lawyers can work with you to help prove your emotional distress claim. 

What Types of Damages Might I Recover for Emotional Distress?

While people typically think about physical injuries after a collision, you can also recover damages for mental and emotional injuries suffered in a car accident. Damages are divided into three categories: economic, noneconomic, and punitive. 

Economic damages compensate you for the money you’ve spent or lost because of your injury. For example, you can recover compensation for the money you spent on doctor visits and prescriptions and wages you lost because your injuries prevented you from working.

Although rare, punitive damages can be imposed to punish the person responsible for your injury. However, these damages are usually only awarded when a defendant’s conduct was extremely reckless or malicious. 

Noneconomic damages are meant to compensate you for the mental, emotional, and psychological harm caused by an accident.

Pain and suffering is probably the most well-known type of injury you can receive noneconomic damages for. Emotional distress is included in the pain and suffering category. Because noneconomic damages don’t have a fixed dollar amount attached to them like a medical bill does, and because they are unique to you, they can be difficult to calculate on your own.

An experienced attorney will know how to calculate your noneconomic damages so that you can be sure you’re seeking all of the compensation you’re entitled to. The attorneys at Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, P.C., can answer all of your questions about damages for mental trauma after a car accident.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

If you are traumatized from a car accident, you don’t have to go through this alone. The compassionate attorneys at Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, P.C., are here to protect your rights and guide you through every step of the legal process.

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