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What Steps Should You Take Right After an Oil Field Injury?

January 26, 2024
Oil Field Injury

In Texas and New Mexico, Oil field accidents can result in devastating, life-altering injuries. In the chaos of the minutes and days after the accident, many victims are unsure of the proper steps to take. However, taking specific measures can improve your prospects of seeking compensation for your injuries. Follow these steps immediately after your work-related injury. 

Seek Medical Attention

Your first step should always be to seek medical attention. Even if you feel okay immediately after the accident, you may be overlooking a serious injury because of sheer adrenaline. By seeking immediate medical treatment, you can address any injuries as soon as possible and prevent them from worsening. 

Seeking medical attention immediately is also important as it will help document, not only your injuries, but also how those injuries occurred.   You can use the medical records from your appointments as proof that you suffered damages from the accident. Whether you pursue workers’ compensation or a lawsuit, this evidence will be key in ensuring you gain adequate compensation for your injuries.

Notify Your Employer 

You should also notify your employer of your injuries as soon as possible. Doing so allows you to start applying for workers’ compensation, if applicable. It can also prevent your employer from denying that the accident happened.   Additionally, your employer may have policies and procedures in place which require them to begin an investigation as to what happened.  That investigation may be critical in assisting your prove your case.  

You should provide a written statement to your employer relaying your injuries and the details of the accident. Be sure to include the date on the statement. Your employer must submit your claim to their workers’ compensation insurance within a certain period.

Gather Information About the Accident

Any Texas or New Mexico oil field lawyer will tell you that the more evidence you have about the accident, the better. If your injuries allow you to do so, gather evidence and information about the accident to submit with your workers’ compensation claim or use to support your lawsuit. All of the following can serve as valuable pieces of evidence:

  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Security camera footage
  • The identities of other witnesses
  • Testimonies from coworkers or other accident witnesses
  • Testimonies from accident reconstructionists or oil field professionals who can relay how the accident occurred

If you believe that others are directly liable for the accident, you’ll also need evidence showing they did to cause the accident. 

Contact Experienced Oil Field Lawyers in Texas 

SeekingTexas or New Mexico oil field legal representation immediately  is a crucial step to take after sustaining a work-related injury.

Those responsible for your injuries likely have attorneys already looking at your claims and doing everything possible to deny your claim or remove its liability from the accident. Having an experienced petroleum industry attorney on your side can help you approach the compensation process strategically and avoid falling prey to scare tactics from those responsible. 

Your oil and gas litigation lawyer can help you with all of the following:

  • Advise you on whether to file workers’ comp vs. a lawsuit
  • Help you gather evidence to support your case
  • Speak with your employer and their legal team on your behalf
  • Guide you through the entire compensation process, all the way to trial if necessary
  • Let you focus on recovery

Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, P.C.: Your Oil Field Legal Representation in Texas

If you’re looking for an experienced oil field lawyer in Texas or New Mexico to represent you after a work-related injury, Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, P.C., can help. We have extensive experience representing clients with oil field injuries, and we’d be happy to guide you through the compensation process. 

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