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Who Can Be Held Liable in a Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident?

February 28, 2024
Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident

When truck crashes involve more than two vehicles, it isn’t always immediately obvious who’s at fault. For example, who’s responsible if a chain reaction occurs when a truck driver attempts a risky left turn, but another driver is speeding or texting behind the wheel? The at-fault motorist might not be the one who hit your car directly. 

If you suffered a multi-vehicle accident involving a truck, contact a seasoned, experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Accidents with more than two vehicles can be tricky to investigate, so you may benefit from an experienced legal representative who understands federal and state laws. 

How Multi-Vehicle Accidents Happen

Different combinations of factors can cause multi-vehicle truck accidents. Two common scenarios are:

  • Chain rear-end collisions. In this type of accident, several vehicles rear-end one after another, like a domino effect. This often happens when one of the drivers doesn’t keep enough distance from other vehicles. 
  • Left-turn collisions. A multi-vehicle accident can happen if a motorist makes a left turn at an intersection while violating right-of-way rules or not paying enough attention to traffic coming from the opposite direction.

Sometimes, one motorist carries 100% of the fault for the multi-vehicle collision. In other cases, two or more drivers may share responsibility.

Who May Be Responsible in a Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident?

Collecting the contact and insurance information of all the motorists involved in the collision is crucial so you can pass this information on to your truck accident attorney. Depending on your case, the responsible parties may include the following:

  • The truck driver. The trucker may be liable if they broke traffic laws, stayed on the road beyond hours of service, or were otherwise negligent. 
  • The trucking company. The trucking company could carry liability if it didn’t screen its drivers carefully enough or neglected vehicle maintenance.
  • Other motorists. Sometimes, another motorist’s actions cause a truck driver to stop abruptly or swerve suddenly, possibly leading to collisions. 
  • Cargo loaders. If the accident happened because of excessive or improperly secured cargo, the workers in charge of cargo loading may also be responsible. 
  • Vehicle manufacturers. You may be able to file a third-party lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer if you can prove a malfunctioning truck part contributed to the accident.

Determining Liability in a Truck Accident

Proving fault in a truck accident is always more challenging when several vehicles are involved. Investigation usually boils down to determining which motorist started the chain reaction that led to the multi-collision. For example, if a truck driver rear-ends vehicle A, which in turn rear-ends your vehicle, the truck driver would likely be responsible. 

Of course, there may be complicating factors. For example, what if the driver of the vehicle stopped too abruptly and made it impossible for the truck driver to avoid hitting their car? When several motorists may potentially be at fault, insurance companies will often try to pin the blame on each other to avoid covering your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

When there’s doubt about who’s responsible, a truck accident lawyer may recommend working with an accident reconstructionist. These professionals can analyze all available evidence from the accident scene to establish whose actions led to the collision. 

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