oil field injuries

The oil and gas industries in New Mexico continue to flourish, employing thousands of people in good-paying jobs.

However, the industry is also very dangerous, and workers suffer serious injuries every day.

If you have been injured, you might be able to get compensation above and beyond what the workers’ compensation system will provide.

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Common Types of Oil Field Injuries

Below, we summarize some of the most common oil field injuries.


Oilfield workers can suffer broken bone injuries in a variety of accidents, such as falls caused by loss of footing. Other workers can break bones when working with defective equipment that can strike them or catch them between surfaces. The traumatic blow can fracture any bone in the body.

Fractures should heal on their own once they are set properly. But very serious breaks might require surgery to install a plate or pin to hold the bones together. When bones fuse together improperly, victims can lose the use of the affected limb.


Oilfield workers can get burned either by fire or by chemicals.

Burns that are small and superficial can usually clear up in a month or so after being cleaned. However, deeper burns can permanently damage skin as well as underlying tissue, including nerves, muscle, tendons, and ligaments. When burns cover a large part of the body, a victim can die.

For treatment, doctors might need to graft new skin onto the affected areas. Oilfield burn injuries typically limit mobility, and victims might need massages or additional surgery to loosen contractures.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Oilfield workers can suffer a TBI whenever they suffer a blow to the head.

A serious blow to the body could also shake the head sufficiently so that the brain is damaged. Many workers can suffer a TBI after a fall or when struck by an object.

TBI symptoms might take a day or two to develop. In more serious TBIs, the victim should blackout for a few minutes up to several hours. Generally, the longer you are unconscious and the more confusion you have upon awakening, then the more severe your TBI.

Some oilfield TBI injuries clear up with sufficient rest after a couple of months. More serious brain injuries often require rehabilitation to improve mobility, balance, coordination, speech, and self-care. Some TBI victims never improve.


Any traumatic blow can cause damage to a person’s spinal cord, leading to loss of mobility or sensation.

Some incomplete spinal cord injuries can improve with rehabilitation, but others will never get better. Spinal cord injuries are incredibly expensive to treat, with victims incurring millions of dollars over a lifetime.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Oil Field Injuries

Only an experienced oil field injury attorney can analyze your oil field injuries and determine whether you have a claim and against whom. If successful, you can receive compensation for medical care, lost wages, and reduced quality of life.

Contact us online or call (800) 433-2408 today. One of our lawyers will meet with you to discuss your case. At Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway, we offer a free consultation.

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