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The Long-Term Impact of Oil Rig Explosions on Workers’ Health

September 13, 2023
Impact of Oil Rig Explosions

The risks of oil rig work do not go unnoticed by its employees. The obligations of the job surround them with dangerous equipment, toxic fumes, and flammable substances for long hours. While workers and employers may be as careful as possible, accidents happen. 

When oil rig explosions take place, the effects are disastrous. Something as small as a spark or a sleepy worker can set off an explosion and change the lives of everyone in the area. 

Contact an oil rig explosion attorney if you or a loved one live with the long-term effects of an oil rig explosion. 

The Risks of Oil Rig Fires and Explosions

Oil rig explosions and fires are one of the many accidents that can occur on an oil rig. It’s also one of the more catastrophic often times resulting in fatal accidents. When workers are fortunate enough to survive an oil rig explosion, they are often left with life-altering injuries. 

Even if you aren’t an oil rig worker, being in the vicinity of an oil rig explosion could be enough to feel its effects. Depending on the size of the explosion, the impact could reach far past the employees. 

Long-Term Effects of Oil Rig Explosions 

Following an oil rig explosion, survivors will seek immediate medical care. In some cases, their doctors can treat their injuries on their way to a full recovery. Others are less fortunate and suffer the effects of the explosion long after the event. 

Vibration-Related Injuries

Oil rigs include regular vibrations from standard equipment and tools. The risk of vibration injuries multiplies when an oil rig explodes. The impact can cause serious damage to the back and neck. 

While some vibration injuries may heal over time, others will suffer chronic back and neck pain from the impact of an oil rig explosion.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

An oil rig explosion will likely cause workers to fall. Depending on the force and angle of the fall, this could provoke permanent neck, shoulder, and back pain. Musculoskeletal injuries impact joints, spinal discs, and muscles. In addition to pain, workers may experience numbness, swelling, and tingling.

Untreated musculoskeletal injuries may become a source of chronic pain.

Auditory Injuries 

Oil rig explosions are extremely loud. Oil rigs already expose workers to noisy environments for extended periods. The sudden boom of an oil rig explosion could result in temporary or permanent hearing loss.

Workers may also experience tinnitus, or a ringing in their ear, after the explosion. These conditions may turn chronic, depending on the severity of the damage.

Psychological Impact

Not all injuries are physical. Oil rig explosions are traumatic events. They expose workers to the deaths of fellow employees and terrifying aftermaths. The stress workers experience in an oil rig explosion could result in lasting impairment of their mental state. 

Victims of oil rig accidents may experience stress, paranoia, and anxiety. 

Seeking Compensation for Long-Term Health Complications

Many victims of oil rig explosions experience long-term health complications. If you or someone you love suffer from the long-term effects of an oil rig explosion, you may seek compensation. 

Oil companies, employees, and negligent workers could all be liable for your accident. 

Injured in an Oil Rig Explosion? Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney 

The long-term effects of oil rig explosions can be life-altering. If you or someone you love suffer from an oil rig explosion, work with an oil rig attorney from Fadduol Cluff Hardy & Conaway P.C. to guide you through this complex process. FCHC Law has been representing personal injury cases for nearly four decades. Call (800) 433-2408 to begin your case review.