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What Should I Do After an Oil Rig Accident?

April 8, 2022
what should i do after an oil rig accident

Accidents on an oil rig are dangerous and frightening.

After a traumatic accident, knowing what to do isn’t clear.

The oil rig injury attorneys at Fadduol, Cluff, Hardy & Conaway are here to help with a step-by-step guide to answer your question: what should I do after an oil rig accident?

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Step One: Check for Injuries

The most important thing after an oil rig accident is your personal health and safety.

Immediately after the oil rig accident, check yourself for injuries and, if you can, any other victims.

Seek medical treatment as soon as possible. You might be suffering from internal injuries that are not noticeable right away. Immediate medical attention could save your life.

Getting medical help right after an accident also creates documentation that can be used later in a personal injury case.

Step Two: Get to Safety

If you are able to move without causing further injury, get to safety as soon as possible. Depending on the magnitude of the accident, evacuate the rig if necessary.

Some oil rig accidents can set off a chain of events that cause even further damage and injury. Whether you move to a safer area or get off of the rig entirely, protect yourself.

Step Three: Call the Authorities

Contact the authorities as soon as you are able, or you can send someone else if you need to focus on medical attention.

Authorities will be able to document the scene, create an accident report, take witness statements, and create more documentation about the accident that can be used in a future personal injury case.

Step Four: Document the Scene

If you are able, document the scene of the accident on the oil rig yourself.

While the authorities will create their own accident report, it is helpful to create your own documentation of what happened.

Take photos and video, get the contact information of others on the rig that were part of or witnessed the accident, and collect any other evidence of the scene that may be helpful to a future case for damages.

Having a record of the event can go a long way in proving the extent of the injuries or the severity of an accident.

Step Five: Contact an Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

After the accident, it is vital that you seek representation from an experienced oil rig accident attorney. That lawyer should have a successful history of protecting clients who suffered injuries from oil rig accidents.

Do not speak with any insurance agents, even your own, without an attorney present. They will protect your claim and make sure that you don’t make a statement or accept a bad settlement.

If the attorneys cannot negotiate the best settlement for your case, they will take your case to court.

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Oil rig accidents are traumatic experiences and can cause injuries that last a lifetime.

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